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Use IS-Viewer64 with Kinetix 3D Studio MAX R2!

GAMUT-64 is a set of plug-ins for 3D Studio MAX R2.  These plug-ins provide tools for artists working with 3D Studio MAX and simplifies the process of exporting art information from 3D Studio MAX to the Nintendo 64 development environment.  GAMUT-64 offers the following plug-ins for 3D Studio MAX R2.
View Manager Real-time previewing of  3D Studio MAX geometry, materials, bitmap textures, object hierarchy, and animation directly on N64 system hardware.
AGT Export Export models in your scene to this game-oriented file format.
NIFF Export Conversion of 3D Studio MAX geometry, materials, bitmap textures, object hierarchy, and animation to N64-compatible file formats.  Support for Character StudioTM BipedTM animation in preview and file export.
Attribute Manager Specify Nintendo-specific attributes for objects in the 3D Studio MAX scene.
IS-Viewer64 Features
p r o d u c e
IS-Viewer64 improves artists productivity by giving immediate feedback.  You can instantly see how the scene or character you're developing will look on the N64 system.
w o r k
It's easy to download and verify information making a programmer's job easier and faster.  You can instantly see where and when you need to make changes.
s h o w
Demonstrate your preliminary work on characters or scenes for publishers who might be interested in investing in the full development of your game.  With IS-Viewer64 you'll have something to show for your work each step of the way.
IS-Viewer64 is a ROM emulator that uses SCSI interface to provide fast downloads.  With 3D Studio MAX R2 and GAMUT-64 you can preview modeling and animation data in real-time on the Nintendo 64. 

To use GAMUT-64 with IS-Viewer64 your system must be running Windows NT.

Fine tuning your graphics has never been easier!

IS-Viewer64 Facts and Features

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