osContReset osContReset (function)

Resets the SI devices


#include <ultra64.h>        /* os.h */
s32 osContReset(OSMesgQueue *mq, OSContStatus *status);


osContReset resets all the direct SI devices that are connected to the controller ports. Specifically, it sets the current positon of a 3D stick on a standard controller back to the neutral position. If it's a voice recognition system, osContReset resets the parameters set by the initialization functions back to the default values. mq is the message queue for initialized messages associated with OS_EVENT_SI events. Please see osSetEventMesg in the N64 Online Function Reference Manual, to learn how to make this association. SI device type and status are returned to status. You must supply a memory block large enough for MAXCONTROLLER structures of type osContStatus. Regarding the osContSetCh function, it is fine to set the number of direct-type SI devices to be used, to a value less than the value set for MAXCONTROLLERS, if the number of direct-type devices used will not be changed in the future. Please see the function osContInit for details on OSContStatus structure.

typedef struct {
    u16     type;   /* The type of SI device inserted in the controller port */
    u8      status; /* The status of the joyport */
    u8      errno;  /* Error from the SI device */


This function is utilized at the time of SI device development, and is not normally required when creating applications.

See Also

osContInit, osContStartQuery, osContStartReadData, osContSetCh, and osSetEventMesg

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1999/02/01 Completely revised
1999/04/30 Changed format