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  • Excelente trabalho, não desista, não vamos deixar o Nintendo 64 morrer, eu tenho 2 consoles que adoro. Se precisar de algum material do brasil pode me chamar. Abraços!!

    Great job, do not give up, we will not let the Nintendo 64 die, I have 2 consoles that I love. If you need any material from Brazil you can call me. Hugs!!

    • level42 says:

      Thanks!, if you’re aware of any other weird, or obscure Nintendo 64 stuff from Brazil, please let me know. Always looking for new and exciting things 🙂

  • Gerry says:

    Hi Level42,

    I just sent you a PM message on Assemblergames forums.


  • Fatnick says:


    Thanks for hosting tis all here. It’s really interesting. I’ve been thinking about the N64’s sound hardware (or lack of) recently and its really interesting having Nintendo’s own docs to refer to.

    Keep up the good work.


  • Alexandre says:


    For fisrt i’m sorry for my English and i hope you could understand me … that’s not an excuse “i’m french” but maybe we could speak French …

    Your blog is really usefull and i really apreciate the great work that you’ve done !!!

    I’m from morrocco and i have found a Dev Kit “Partner N64″in a souk of Casablanca, i think your links will help me a lot to make it work

    If you got advises for setup it in my computer or anything else it will be apreciate,

    Does the cartridge works in my normal N64 ?

  • Andrew E says:

    Are you in need of the gang writer floppy disk program? I noticed in your photos of the gangwriter that you don’t have it. Maybe we can work out a trade if your interested. I got the floppy disk off an Ex N64 developer plus a couple other goodies.

    • level42 says:

      Appreciate the offer, let me know if you can decide on a fair price for this, or if you’d like to donate the disk, and or the contents to my site.


  • Gonzo says:


    Any chance you can share a copy of the ProDG SN64 1,0,0,2 disc?


  • ard1998 says:

    hello there,

    i’m an student development and i’m about to begin with n64 development. its an handy website.

    i think in know the differense between n64dev and n64sdk. the n64dev is an community made SDK (contains libdragon). the n64sdk is just the official compiler for n64 excluding other software ( that you can find in the cd).

    you can find me on assemblergames as ard1998

    see or hear you later

  • ard1998 says:

    hello there,

    i’m an student development and i’m about to begin with n64 development. its an handy website.

    i think in know the differense between n64dev and n64sdk. the n64dev is an community made SDK (contains libdragon). the n64sdk is just the official compiler for n64 excluding other software ( that you can find in the cd).

    you can find me on assemblergames as ard1998

    see or hear you later

    • level42 says:

      Hey, sorry about the very late reply. Thanks for pointing that out to me, I didn’t even know about the community made SDK. I will do some further research on this and make some appropriate notes on my site. Thanks again.

  • Jollyroger says:

    Hello there,

    another fellow retro development enthusiast in Canada (Toronto) here.

    I am present every now and then on the Assembler forums and in the past I worked on a number of game systems, most recently I released several builds of Sonic X-Treme for PC and Saturn.

    I would love to meet up sometime and discuss N64 (and other systems), I like many of them and I have collected development kits over the years.



    • level42 says:

      Hey, I wouldn’t consider myself a developer, however I am an avid enthusiast in Nintendo Development from a collection stand point.

      I’d love to become a developer one day, but for now, just a collection.

      Do you still collect development kits, or have any items remaining from your days of collecting?

      • Jollyroger says:

        I still collect kits, yes, a few of them are here in Toronto with me, others I have back in Europe where I am originally from.

        My target is to have all the development kits I have used during my game development career, so it’s not really a collection, but rather a nostalgic keeping in touch with my past.

        • level42 says:

          That’s fantastic! I’d love to get together just to chat, perhaps see some of the additional items you may have at your disposal.

          Feel free to hit me up over at AssemblerGames for more detail.

  • Hi There level42,

    I’m a 64DD owner like the many that are posting here…. 🙂

    I’ve been hopping around on various sites….assemblergames and such…
    trying to see if anyone has a .PDF scan of the official 64DD Programming manual like the one you have posted here on your site:

    “Nintendo 64 Disk Drive Programmer’s Guide”

    As I’ve stated in various posts online, I realize that most of this info is available in an online HTML format from an official CD manual release:

    However many of us in within the 64DD programming community have shown interest in acquiring an actual scan of the real deal!! 🙂

    As this manual is in a Binder, is this something you might consider scanning for the community?

    I realize this is a pain staking process, and not many would be willing to take the time to do the leg work;
    however, I’m just taking a shot in the dark to see if this is something you might consider doing for us all?

    Let me know when you get a chance.
    Kind Regards,
    Gerry O’Brien

    • level42 says:

      Hey Gerry!

      Glad to see another 64DD owner, do you have retail or development hardware? Do you have any development hardware that I don’t already have? I’m always interested in finding new pieces of this historical puzzle.

      To answer your question, yes, I have plans to rip this manual. But it’s some 200-300 pages, double sided. In addition, this is on some thicker card stock so it likely can be scanned using a document feeder, but instead a bed scanner, slowing the process down further. It’s a massive daunting task and at this point is very low on my to do list.

      P.S I love you’re site as well, I’ve used it in the past when I was tinkering with the GameBoy Programmable cartridges.

      • Hi level42,

        Glad to see that some of my YouTube Ramblings are appreciated…… Fun Stuff! :))

        I’m starting to shift more towards the software side of things….
        a close friend of mine owns a 64DD Dev unit, but he is lacking the manuals for it. He has kindly agreed to let me tinker with it, but only if I can find a copy of the official manuals for him to add to the collection. He said a PDF scan would do. Hence my reasons for hunting around for it in PDF form. 😛

        I also own a 64DD retail Unit. My plan is to interface it with my Logic Analyzer gear and some sophisticated FPGA development interfaces from GOEPEL.
        I want to try and go beyond it’s intended design Possibly create my own Debug Cart…..or just see what is possible for the sake of messing around. Fun Stuff! 🙂
        Anyhow, this all just in the “wouldn’t it be Awesome” phase…. 😛

        I’m really hoping to try and get some Hi-Res Photos of the internal Circuit boards for the 64DD Development unit specifically.
        Not many people own the 64DD Dev Unit and or are just not willing to open it up for taking some pictures. :((

        I want to archive the differences in the Hardware between the two systems. Retail, and Dev Unit.
        I do recall already seeing some shots of the retail version circuit board online…so that ‘s a start.

        I want to collect as much detailed info on the Electronic components used,
        and other hardware used for these beautiful systems……… for the archives. Ahhem!!

        Let me know ASAP if there is anyway you can scan the manuals….. or if you know a way that I could help?
        I could Donate some funds??

        Cheers! my Good Man!
        ^ ^

        • Esther Kuijper says:

          Hey both of you!

          I’m Esther, and Im just a random person who is very VERY interested in the development of the 64DD. I’m also looking forward to see the rest of the manual! Also, what’s with the Rare ltd. cartridge? Do you know what is on it??

          I am researching the DD from a European perspective, meaning I’m gathering information on European mentions of the DD (found some in old magazines and in a videomagazine too) and I’m looking for proof of a PAL 64DD. Even just information about planning/development of a European version would be awesome to document!

          It would be great to chat with you about this, maybe we could be of help for eachother. I look forward to your answer.


          • level42 says:

            Hi Esther, the entire manual was posted above. As for the Rare cart, it is likely blank. If I’m not mistaken, Rare has some special lockout chips that basically made the carts self destruct.

            If you’d like to chat, you can find me here, on Nintendo Age, or AssemblerGames. I’m no expert, but I will do my best to answer any questions you may have 🙂

  • Grant Merrill says:

    Hey it’s a fellow Nintendo 64 Developer Enthusiast. However, I’m just going through the SDK manuals to understand the process. It seems like you are quite farther in the process and I would love to hear some tips for a beginner. Especially, since I’m really not sure the process for compiling code into .n64 file (what I mean is I’m not sure all the right options that are needed to be in GCC, etc.). Also other things like I’m not sure what is required in a spec file or the format of a spec file or what’s required in order to have a functioning ROM. (for example: you need osInitialize() or other things like that.) Anyway, now I’m rambling. I left my email so if it’s easier to talk to me that way for helping a fellow programmer out that would be awesome! 🙂 Thanks for your efforts!

    • level42 says:

      I really wish I could help you out here, but I’ve had this project on hold for quite some time, as there is just way too much going on for me to deal with this right now. I can offer you a suggestion, however. Head over to and post your inquiry on the forums there. These members are all extremely knowledgeable in the weird and obscure world of gaming. This would likely be one of the best places for you to get your answers, and is where I got some of the information for my own website.

      Best of luck, and keep checking my site for any random staggered updates.

  • Mark says:

    If and when you want to part with the 64 DD and N64 dev kits, as a whole I’ve got you covered. They will first be used for development of new games, ports and unreleased content. They will then live out their lives in the National Video Game museum. If interested, just get back to me. 2016 or 2030, let me know.

  • FriesNburger says:

    Concerning the Partner 64 hand book, have you or are you going to upload scans of the whole thing? I know it’s in japanese,
    but i can find a way to translate it.

    • level42 says:

      I haven’t scanned the book simply for fear of damaging the book in the process…

      • FriesNburger says:

        awww, That’s to bad :/ I really hope you might reconsider because, you see, I find the information VERY valuable for the in depth technical info i hope to find in there about workings of the cartridge. I’ve been interested in the cartridge for quite some time. Out of curiosity what method of the scanning it has you worried about damaging it? because the method I’m thinking of I don’t how it could be damaged. Thank you for taking the time to read.

  • Max Rivas Caamaño says:

    Really Really Great! This collection is very useful, it helped me a lot Thanks! I´m waiting for the Hardware links.

    A question, exist the “Assorted Applications and Samples” download link? Waiting for your help and I say again, Thanks.

    Max Rivas Caamaño.

  • Joe says:


    I’ve just got a few quick comments.
    1) Very cool site! Nice to see that finds can be made in the GTA
    2) Everything in the site seems to be shifted to the left, so part of the screen is chopped off.
    3) Any chance you’ll be selling that N64 dev equipment? You can still use the SDK without it! 🙂

    – Joe

    • level42 says:

      1.) Thanks for the comments 🙂
      2.) The finds in the GTA are getting few and far between unfortunately 🙁
      3.) I’d love it if you could send me a photo of this “Shifted” issue you speak of. Perhaps upload a screenshot to and post a link.
      ***[Keep in mind, I’m not a professional web developer]***
      4.) At this time, none of my dev stuff is for sale, I just got it, and I haven’t even finished posting the rest of it [Got the 64DD dev kit as well 🙂 ]

      • blupilot says: <–I believe the issue he is talking about is the lack of padding on the left of the text/pictures, they are very close to the edge of the screen. Btw the browser is Vivaldi for anyone interested.

        • level42 says:

          Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve never noticed this due to the higher resolution of my screen. I’m working on a re-design, but it’s a slow process. I will ensure this is fixed on my v2 layout.

          Thanks again!

    • level42 says:

      Hey Joe, thanks again for meeting up with me and allowing me the opportunity to snap some photo’s of your development equipment. It was very much appreciated!

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