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*Not sure what the differences with some of these are. I will try to find out and explain them.



  • P Silva says:

    Yo! I was wondering if you happened to have the complete General MIDI Soundbank AIFF files that Nintendo supplied developers with? I see reference to it in a few places in various Dev documentation. In the sound tools disc, and a few of the Dev Kit Tools discs I was able to find a folder labeled Demo Songs, that have a few AIFF files that they used but not a complete library but perhaps Im just missing something! Awesome work and site though thank you

    • level42 says:

      It’s possible that the information simply haven’t surfaced yet. Myself and several others who’ve been assisting me, try to ensure that everything possible is available, however, something just haven’t seen the light of day yet. You can pop onto our community Discord and ask around there, to see if anyone has any further information regarding these AIFF files.

  • Gonzo says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these!!!
    Hope we get to see one day CodeWarrior for N64; it’s quite tough to come by.
    Keep it up!

  • Juan Ignacio Riesco says:

    Hi, you have N64 translator PA-NU64N for Power Animator (Alias-Wavefront) or do you know someone has it, because i have Power animator V9.0 and i have PSX translator but i would like to have the N64 translator for making 3D Animations and export to N64, please tell me, thanks

  • Misscelan says:

    Thanks so much for hosting and relasing all this.
    Just wanted to mention that this file seems to be corrupted: Nintendo 64 – Developer OS/Library – WIN95 v2.0I

    Keep up the good work!

    • level42 says:

      I’ll check out the file, it was already re-ripped and re-uploaded once before. Thanks for the heads up.

      • Emmanuel Istace says:

        I confirm the corruption.

        • level42 says:

          We actually did some testing with this ISO, and re-ripped it a few times, it seems that there’s an incompatibility with modern-day operating systems. I’m pretty sure it requires x86 or less to open, as we we’re only able to open this on older 32bit machines. Try setting up a simple Virtual Machine running Windows 95 – Windows 7 in 32Bit x86, and you should be able to open and run the disk. Hope that helps.

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