Creating a Nintendo 64 Development Environment in Oracle VM VirtualBox

The best part of using Oracle VM VirtualBox, is that VirtualBox is free. You can download VirtualBox from the link below in the requirements section below.


  • Oracle VM VirtualBox – Download (In this example, I am using v5.1.28 r117968, though most versions should work.)
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Installation Media – Download
  • Nintendo 64 SDK – Download
  • 7z – Download

Step 1: Installing VirtualBox

Click next

figure 1.1

, click next to confirm your settings

figure 1.2

, click finish to complete the installataion.

figure 1.3


figure 1.1

VirtualBox-Tut-1.2 VirtualBox-Tut-1.3 VirtualBox-Tut-1.4 VirtualBox-Tut-1.5 VirtualBox-Tut-1.6 VirtualBox-Tut-1.7 VirtualBox-Tut-1.8

Step 2: Installing Creating a Virtual PC and installing Windows 2000

Begin by launching VMWare Workstation, and selecting “Create a New Virtual Machine” VirtualBox-Tut-2.1 VirtualBox-Tut-2.2 VirtualBox-Tut-2.3 VirtualBox-Tut-2.4 VirtualBox-Tut-2.5 VirtualBox-Tut-2.6 VirtualBox-Tut-2.7 VirtualBox-Tut-2.8 VirtualBox-Tut-2.9 VirtualBox-Tut-2.10 VirtualBox-Tut-2.11

Step 3: Installing the Nintendo 64 Software Development Kit

See: Writing your first Nintendo 64 Homebrew

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