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ultra64.ca launches!

July 24, 2017 1:10 pm Published by 2 Comments

Today is the day, I’ve finally gotten around to updating this website. Feel free to comment below if there are any suggestions or opinions. In addition to the new website, I have some big items planned including new releases, a new gallery with updated images, and more! Stay tuned!

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  • Pascal says:

    Thank you so much for doing this.
    Last time I was on http://level42.ca there was no updates on the N64 articles,glad that you’re still on it.
    Great work, keep it up.
    Greetings from switzerland.

    • level42 says:

      Well, at the moment, there is no new content (Asides from some new, updated images that I’m slowly uploading) but the new website was a huge hurdle that always stood in my way. Now that it for the most part is out of the way, I can finally start focusing on some new content. Keep in mind, I’m just a one man operation and things will still take time to come, but I will do my best to provide as much information as I can. Thanks for the comment.

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