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Nintendo 64 – Functions Reference Manual (OS 2.0I)

Nintendo 64 – OS 2.0I

  • Nintendo 64 – Functions Reference Manual

Nintendo 64 – Online Manuals (OS 2.0J)

Nintendo 64 – OS 2.0J

  • Nintendo 64 – General Information
  • Nintendo 64 – Functions Reference Manual
  • Nintendo Intermediate File Format (NIFF)
  • NuSystem
  • Applications and Sample Programs

Nintendo 64 – Online Manuals (OS 2.0K) – v5.1


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Nintendo 64 – Audio Development Guide

This guide fully explains the N64 audio system. Because the N64 does not use a sound-generator chip or dedicated DSP, there are no hardware restrictions. You have more flexibility in sound development because almost all audio functions are implemented by software. Because of the power of this software-driven sound system, the programmer and musician need to work together closely to ensure that the audio does not impose on graphics processing. Using this guide, the programmer and musician can make resource allocation choices from the very beginning.

Huge thank you to The National Videogame Museum for providing scans of this manual. Details

106MB NUS-06-0151-001A
Nintendo 64 – Disk Drive Programmer’s Guide


140MB NUS-06-0121-001D
Nintendo 64 – Intro to the N64.pdf
Nintendo 64 – Programming Manual

NU6-06-0030-001G *High Quality

2.26MB NU6-06-0030-001G
Nintendo 64 – Programming Manual

NU6-06-0030-001G *Scanned

9.86MB NU6-06-0030-001G
Nintendo 64 – S2DEX Microcode Users Guide


496KB NU6-06-0136-001A
Nintendo 64 – Z-Sort Microcode Users Guide


500KB NUS-06-0164-001A

SN Systems

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SN Systems – PC Development System for the Nintendo 64

Silicon Graphics

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SGI – Nintendo 64 – RSP Programmers Guide

Chapter 4: RSP Coprocessor 0 – Page 81

SGI – R4300 RISC Processor Specification REV2.2
SGI – Nintendo Ultra64 RDP Command Summary V2.0

Erratum: The RDP opcode “Sync Load” is always stated as hex command “0x31” but the command portion is actually meant to be “0x26”



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MusyX – Audio Tools For Nintendo 64 And Game Boy *High Quality
MusyX – Audio Tools For Nintendo 64 And Game Boy *Scanned

Kyoto Microcomputer Co., Ltd. (KµC)

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PARTNER-N64PC – User’s Guide (Japanese Version) – Coming Soon …

Pages: ??? Released: ??/??/19??

PARTNER-N64PC – User’s Guide (English Version)

Pages: 182 Released: 5/12/1997 For Use with Debugger/EXEGCC compiler Version 1.0x

46.7MB NUS-06-0091 REV-A
PARTNER-N64PC – User’s Guide (English Version)

Released: 5/1/1998 For Use with Debugger/exeGCC compiler Version 1.0x or Later. Released as a Two User Guide set:

  • #1 PARTNER-N64PC User’s Guide Title: NUS-06-0091 – REV-B
  • #2 EXEGCC Compiler User’s Guide (Document Title/Number: ????)
NUS-06-0091 REV-B


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N64 AUDIO TOOLS: User’s Guide

This guide explains how to use the menus and work within the N64 Sound Tools development environment.

N64 AUDIO TOOLS: Programmer’s Guide

This guide fully explains the Music Tools Library including the Music Player and the Audio Manager in addition to the API (application programming interface) for the programmer. The API is designed so that the programmer can play the songs and sound effects generated by the N64 Sound Tools with a minimum of effort. Using the API, the programmer can start, stop, test, pan, and adjust the volume levels of songs and sound effects.

N64 AUDIO TOOLS: Tutorial Guide

This guide, intended primarily for musicians, explains the flow of sound and music development using the N64 Sound Tools.

N64 Development Systems Installation Guide

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